The meaning of Art and Life

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The meaning of Art and Life

Post by moneder » Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:17 am

Hi guys
My name is Andrea (male), i'm 17 and i come from italy. I'm totally new not only to this forum, but also to this field/subject. I started studying philosophy this year at school (in italy we do), but i've always been attracted by it.
Anyway, i think i should tell something about myself first in order to explain you what this post is about.
If people should choose one adjective to describe me, that would be "shy"...too shy. Which may be true, but i wish it wasn't.
So this is mainly my issue, to try and "change" and hopefully become more outgoing one day. Nevertheless, even if i don't hang out with friends a lot i still have lots of interests and passions which keep me "alive". I like music especially jazz and classical, and i started playing the piano last year. I also like drawing and art and stuff.
Still, i don't feel happy and satisfied and i am often sad. The main reason is because of my shyness of course, but there is also another one. I consider myself as an "artist" (not a real artist, just a person who is deeply keen on art, music and beauty in general) but i feel as though i can't express anything. Actually i have some ideas every once in a while but i eventually discover they are often influenced by something else or aren't worthy enough to be continued. Besides, i have a very busy week shedule and high school requiers lots of study.
So to sum up i find myself in this weird situation, certeinly not what i was expecting. I wish i could do more experiences in life but my personality really makes it difficult.
I get good marks at school, but not excellent ones. I like art, but i'm not productive. I'm surrounded mostly by superficial people who seem far happier than me. I'm shy, alone. What should i do?
I know it's a stupid question but i really can't find a meaning in my life for now, and i think things will probably get worse. The answer to this is usually "you should let yourself go more" or " you should try to talk more" but it's not easy.
Looking back at my post i realize this isn't very related to philosophy, or maybe it is. I just think you guys are awesome so maybe you could give your own opinion. People like you should be popular. It all seems wrong in this world, things should work the other way round. ;)

(I apologize if this post is not inherent to the forum, and for any language mistakes)

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