An Email Message for you...You Make a Difference!

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An Email Message for you...You Make a Difference!

Postby mensa-maniac » Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:29 pm

An Email Message for you...You Make a Difference!

I received an email that showed a beautiful black female senior high school teacher with the love of Jesus guiding her.

She had these blue ribbons made up which said You Make A Difference, she called each one of her students to the front of the class and told each of them what they meant to her and what a difference they made. She pinned a blue ribbon on each student and gave them a few ribbons and said, go out and give a ribbon to someone you feel makes a difference.

So each student did exactly that, one student gave a blue ribbon to his boss, pinned it to his shirt, then gave him a blue ribbon to pass on to someone he felt made a difference. The boss went home that evening feeling happy within, he apologized to his son for not being there for him, and basically said he was a good son and praised the boy and pinned a blue ribbon on him. The boy was unable to hold back his tears, he bawled his eyes out, and bid his father to go upstairs in his room and read the letter he wrote today. The father went and read the letter and cried embracing his son for he realized he saved his son's life, for his son had written his suicide letter and was preparing to die that night.

My point in this post is to say that these 4 words You Make A Difference written on a blue ribbon made all the difference in the world to this one person which saved his life.

Donna Thompson

Re: An Email Message for you...You Make a Difference!

Postby Kunga » Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:43 am

That was beautiful mensa !
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