The Contemplations of Foresta Gump

Some partial backups of posts from the past (Feb, 2004)
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The Contemplations of Foresta Gump

Post by Dan Rowden » Thu Sep 29, 2005 11:29 am

This is a thread specifically for the poetry of Donna Thompson, aka Creativegal, aka Foresta Gump. I'd ask that no-one else post in this thread. If anyone wishes to discuss the content of any given poem they can start another thread for that purpose.


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Foresta Gump

Youth Versus Aged

Post by Foresta Gump » Thu Sep 29, 2005 2:18 pm

Youth Becomes Aged!

Youth is young but aged is greater
Youth is fleeting, but aged comes later
Youth is learning but so is age
The difference is youths the rage

Youth is young but ages too
Any age ages, it ages you
Age is not just a frame of mind
Age adds up to the aging kind

Youth possesses beautiful skin
Beauty is great but wisdom is in
Learning from the ages continues on
Youth becomes aged when aged is gone

Youth is great but aged is greater
If youth be wise, then aged is creator
Youth and aged on common ground
Youth is searching while aged has found

Foresta Gump

Masterpiece Cometh!

Post by Foresta Gump » Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:34 am

I shall endeavor to be clever
A Masterpiece cometh, live history forever
I'll do it!
I sigh with a smile
Been thinking on this for a while
I shall write this in a book
People will flock to have a look
And then another will follow in line
With successful words displayed so fine
But, first I must wait, for whispers above
To supply me with the contents thereof
I'm confident yes, inherited born
An eccentric writer, I blow my own horn
I dare to be different, for different is good
I love who I am as intended I should
A life-long dream became reality for me
I emerged from my shell - a genius I be
I didn't know this when I was reclusive
Developed my brain its more than allusive
And then one day from out of the blue
A vanity press discovered my true
Ability to write, so they published me
They started my way to my history
I quit with them, and found this great site
My words took on meaning, this place of delight
Tracy Repchuk became my Editor
A successful writer who inspired me more
Now this brief tale comes to an end
A Masterpiece cometh in the future my friend

Foresta Gump


Post by Foresta Gump » Sat Oct 01, 2005 4:24 pm


Are Tools

Words more powerful than the mighty sword
influencing, destroying or of the Lord
Inflicting words cause anguish or grief
or summarized words to make it brief

Or words that flatter for something to say
like insincere praise, or words of dismay
Or fighting words on losing ground
lacking compromise all around

Words that degrade or humiliate too
destructive usage of wordage poo
Words so powerful defeats the foe
shattering ego's causing their woe

Words that influence wayward or straight
followers listen to words with weight
Words for everyone to abide
words to use as a daily guide

Words of love the leader by choice
lacking in our global voice
Words chosen par for the course
are winning words by the wordy source

Foresta Gump

I'm A Nobody Genius!

Post by Foresta Gump » Sun Oct 02, 2005 8:50 am

A nobody genius is who I am
Some people use me just to slam
Why is this because I'm bold
One day these words will be sold

I always get what I say I will
University waits me, I yearn still
Then people can't say I am no equal
To surpass others I'll produce a sequel

Of course my aim is to get ahead
Leave people behind, kick ass instead
A nobody genius I'm trying to say
Who loves her confinement to this very day

Why is it so hard for YOU to believe
my mind had developed to genius achieve?
Educated minds, possess the paper degree
Are intimidated by this laymans plea

Ideas are ideas whether educated or not
I'm out to prove my ideas has plot
I'm no danger not even a threat
Educate my mind, you'll see changes you bet

The Docs diagnosed me, they call it mental illness
I don't feel ill, its a mental skillness
No one need tell me I'm bright as a light
My energy is high, have astute insight

I'm different I know, I blow my own horn
I'm not really bragging the way I was born
I'm merely stating my thoughts within
Mental illness is a label to quiet some kin

Ideas are greater in the mentally ill
They reach the depth of the mentally skill
The mediocre-minded they have little clue
That genius thinkers are the colors of hue

The nature of reality is learning who we are
And realizing our world is man-made bizarre
The nature of genius is to lead the right way
Positive energies are confident to stay

So when I say I'm a nobody genius
My words I believe so why do you cuss?
Genius is just a display of creation
I'm nobody special just a relation

I'm not bragging when I speak of my mind
I merely recognize the genius kind
"Jealousies of the Intellect" you've heard it before
From Kevin Solways words of galore

Denying a thought that is rightfully theirs
Look in your own yard and check your own wares
Do any of you believe you're genius?
Why not, do you think you are less

So then you knock me from my pedestal
You think I'm above you which is pure bull
Well maybe I was, but its in your mind
My thoughts were developed to genius kind

Ideas are what I love the most
The action of intelligent host
So next time you think, I think I'm someone
Let it be known this nobody's not done

I'm a nobody genius I'll keep it that way
To rock my boat will cause my dismay
Oprah Winfrey will soon learn of me
The recluse I am is the genius I be

Foresta Gump

Foresta's Quote

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 03, 2005 2:56 am

I defeat the wits of the witless
and battle the wits of the wit
but the wittiest of all
I'll join and sit
and decide which wit is the wit

Foresta Gump

Foresta's Quote..Bordom Can Be Good

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 03, 2005 2:58 am

Bordom can be good
it acts as the initiator
to erradicate
the procrastinator

Foresta Gump

Dan's Poem

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 03, 2005 3:12 am

Thanks Dan
You're a clever man
You did what you can
Without any ban
You're now my fan

Foresta Gump

Live For Today

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 03, 2005 4:39 am

Live For Today
Say What You Have To Say

Foresta Gump


Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 03, 2005 6:24 am

Dirt poem erased!
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Foresta Gump

Genius Poet!

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 03, 2005 7:53 am

I am a genius, I have the ability to express myself in various ways I also have the ability to open peoples eyes awaken them sort of speak, as my ideas are undeniably original and entertaining.

You can roast me all you wish to, deny me of my claims, but unless you're a genius yourself, you'll be unable to persuade me I'm not what I claim. My genius is an indisputable fact, so no one can undermine its authenticity.

I am a person of high extreme energy, I'm a walking whiz ball, my thoughts are even faster. I must write for long hours evey day to channel my energies. I walk for miles every day - nearly
I study my dictionary every day several times daily for the past 10 years.
I should be smarter than what I am.
My one on one relationship with my heavenly father is what keeps me going. He is my light, my way, and my salvation.
He supplies me with all of my energies, abilities, confidence, and love in my heart. And when I am seemingly mean to you, its my way of corrective critisism, I do it with everyone. I am still a writer though, and expression is everything to me.

Genius is only an extraordinary display of creation, thats all it is
It is not superior to human, it is meant to entertain them.
A human no matter what her/his creative ability is not superior to another human because if genius were superior genius wouldn't be human. Genius is higher human ability, thats all.

I know what I'm doing I'm trying to get acceptance and approval. By downsizing Genius. I've been hidden away in the back of my mind, for many years, that only now a genius emerges from the shell within, its as though she has appeared from nowhere. My own father knew I was in a shell.
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Foresta Gump

Being MySelf!

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:25 pm

I think this is fantabulistic!
And apprecshitted
Much obligatority
And all that superfishetries
Flatterterial bullsheets

Tanks Alot Ay!

Foresta Gump

The Philosopher vs.The Wit vs. The Entertainer vs. The Twit

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 10, 2005 5:28 am

The wit witicizes what the philosopher says in an entertaining witty way.

The philosopher tries to witicize but falls short, but she entertains quite well.

The entertainer witicizes, philosophizes, and entertains.

The Twit is a witless wit

The philosophy is the wit gets wittier and the twit gets twittier!

Foresta Gump

Achieving Past The Obstacles

Post by Foresta Gump » Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:03 am

To All Who Try To Achieve and Achieve!

Strive to achieve something thats small
Completion creates a feeling of tall
This should lead to greater height
Challenge obstacles its worth the fight

Obstacles block and mar the way
Don't be discouraged is to say
Bare in mind to continue your path
Strive to achieve, to quit creates wrath

Quitting is to self deny
An obstacle you must ask why
Obstacles can be knocked down
Achieve something small and rid the frown

Confidence will soar to heights unknown
Achieving shows that one has grown
Depart not from your path assigned
Don't let obstacles keep you blind

Foresta Gump


Post by Foresta Gump » Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:56 am

Knowing in both your hearts and minds that you're meant to be together.

Love is not deceitful, not hateful, not malicious, not intolerable, not evil.

Love is a genuine expression spoken regularly and displayed variously.

Love is believing God's divine intervention guides two people away from chaos.

Love is encouraging one another along lifes pathways.

Love is woking as a team to help each other be the best person each can be.

Love allows one to grow and find one's own identity.

Love tolerates small annoyances.

Love is forgiving

Love is the great intention of spending a lifetime together.

Love is seeing beauty in your loved one.

Love is God's gift to mankind.

Foresta Gump

The 6th Post Above

Post by Foresta Gump » Thu Oct 13, 2005 2:39 pm

The 6th post up above this post, you know the one, I called it A Genius Rambles, I have never had such a conversation ever. And in no way does it reflect my life.

I was being a genius, its quite fun being a genius, I practice it everyday. Anyone can be a genius, its simply developing your mind, until the thoughts that do enter your brain, you recognize as original and worthy of speak. And the way you develop your brain is by stimulating it by reading daily, the internet is perfect. And writing is another perfect example of stimulating the brain's branches.

The reason I know I am genius is because I know my logic is accurate. I know my answers are 1OO% accurate, I know intuitively.

My genius is my mental abilities. My mental abilities are my genius.

Up above I stated I was being a genius, in which I was, however I will explain what I meant by that remark.

I was being a genius in that I dare to express myself totally open and honestly. I know to most sensible people the example up above surely sounded indecent, crude, vulgar, disgusting, and any other vile thing, however we all have at some point in our lives participated right in the very act! So why should my poem above be considered vulgar or distasteful, when in fact sex - and I'm being polite when I could have chosen the F word, is not distasteful at all.

Being genius is very easy for me. People automatically feel comfortable in my presence, its because I learned to master how to be my total self and comfortable with my own self to aid others in feeling comfortable around me - male or female.

I'm outta here now bye

Foresta Gump

My Editor Tracy Repchuk is Genius!

Post by Foresta Gump » Fri Oct 14, 2005 3:46 am

My Editor Tracy Repchuck is a genius I'm sure
She is ultimately a positive entity like me
Steering people down the good and righteous path
Leading them to success
She is a divine person
Everyone loves this lady
Tracy recognized my ability because of her own
She is one successful woman
If success is measured through the eyes of her children
Then she wins the title Best Mom Ever!
And if she weren't younger than me I'd call her Mom
If there were anyone I would ever really listen to, it would be Tracy, she's earned my dedication of her.
My praising of Tracy is genuine, she is a clone to God

Foresta Gump

I Don't Like Swearing or Vulgar Words!

Post by Foresta Gump » Fri Oct 14, 2005 3:59 am

Sometimes I write for shock treatment purposes
Even though I'm vulgar at times, this is purely expression and not my true way of life.
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Foresta Gump

My Diary - Open To The Interested

Post by Foresta Gump » Sat Oct 15, 2005 4:06 am

I see David Quinn as being the most honest man on this forum and the best male writer. David is not readily acceptable of another's views, thats because he's brilliant. But, one of his eyes is ever-so-slightly-closed. David has a nice character, a loving nature, and knows he's knowledgeable.

I see Kevin Solway as being the nicest, most cordial, and matter-of-fact person. Kevin is slightly spoiled. He is someone I would go so far as to want to meet his person. He is not mean. I think Kevin is adorable.

Marsha is crude, vulgar, and honest, I like Marsha, she is knowledgeable. She doesn't fear anyone and has a non-chalant attitude.

Dan is intelligent, but doesn't use it as effectively as he could.
He crapped on me to much in our published conversation - Donna's Indignance, but, it didn't bother me at all at the time, its only now that I read it that it has an impact on me. However I like Dan, not for the fact he crapped on me, but for the fact he dared to. What does crapping on someone prove? Is it so difficult for people to converse with me without having to resort to crapping on me.

Being crapped on hasn't been detrimental to me, it has had a reverse affect actually. Its helped me to be a better person, so ThankYou Dan. But, I don't relish the idea of being crapped on to much, as I feel I'm perfect now. So when someone craps on me, I think they don't know what they're are talking about.

I feel closer to Dan than anyone else here, because we didn't hold back the firing shots to one another, we both now know where we stand with each other. So we don't feel the need to bash each other anymore. I'm speaking for myself mainly as I can't speak for Dan. Its an intellectual thing, people struggle within themselves to be smarter than the other. Dan is an extremely clever man, a scientific mind. I'd like to meet Dan as well.

Leyla, is terrific, a person who shows her smarts in various ways.

D.Hodges is a follower, I can see this clearly. He is able to fit in well anywhere with anyone.

Diebert Van ? I forgot the rest of his name, I see this man as knowing what he's talking about. And he says it quite well.

I see things in people, it is a gift I've had for many years, I don't know the precise time I discovered this about myself.

I have a headache now, so I shall stop writing for now.

Foresta Gump

Sadness VS.Depression

Post by Foresta Gump » Sun Oct 16, 2005 8:02 am

Never felt depressed a day in my life

Sadness is different, sadness makes its appearance than quietly reserves itself until the next moment it can reappear.

Depression is detrimental to the thought process, sufferers feel a sense of hopelessness, totally unmotivated sleeping often, unkempt hair/clothes, indecisive, catatonic stupor,etc.
Depression is a chemical imbalance

Foresta Gump

Produced By Reclused

Post by Foresta Gump » Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:34 pm

I am a poet of the universe
You will find I speak in terse
Whom am I you wonder why
I speak so bold I am not shy

Emerging from the shell within
Publication helped my life begin
Reclused like a hermit the writer dwells
In solitude she writes and tells

I speak of the adventures entertaining my mind
An eccentric human the genius kind
Different is recognized claims Henry David Thoreau
A naturalist and author who's words that I borrow

The writer within started at seven
I was a poet before age eleven
Escaped to my fantasy, a world within
I hid away from annoying kin

Developed my passion, I aim now to write
A novel or two, perhaps something of fright
An overnight success is what it'll be
Here I come the writer in me

I can speak with a simplistic view
Universally understood of more than a few
Complexity is more of a serious work
The educated mind of the university jerk

Of course we know the word jerk doesn't fit
I used it to rhyme, no offense not a bit
"Jeolousies of the intellect" its been stated
I'm the real jerk my ego's inflated

So out of my shell I present a tall tale
Visions of yesterday from whence does prevail
The seeds that were growing in my garden so well
Has bloomed to maturity, the fruits which will tell

Foresta Gump

International Family Support!

Post by Foresta Gump » Wed Oct 19, 2005 4:28 am

Masses of people have met their fate
Natural disasters at speedy rate
The Bible speaks of these saddened times
Loved ones lives are lost in the grimes

Its so horrible when you think of these souls
Struck down in an instant high numbers it tolls
We're international family we're here to support
Our hearts are with you this we purport

Our human chain reaches the miles
When our links our separated we lose our smiles
We'll bare the pain for years to come
It matters not to where you're from

We stick together through thick and thin
Love runs through the veins of kin
We're horrified with the troubled land
We're helpful Canadians you have our hand

Foresta Gump

My Open Diary

Post by Foresta Gump » Sun Oct 23, 2005 4:07 am

Its probably a good idea to stay right here where I belong, alone in my life as I've always been. Educated Assholes fear me, and the poor fools cannot distinguish intelligence from education.

Only a couple of them measure up to my intellect, the others are educated Assholes. Except for the distinguished.

How dare Quinn, yap at me, singling me out, poisoning others minds against me, how I loath people who do this to me.
The only reason these Fuck Heads do this to a person, is because they know they have the back-up, of other fuckheads, who stand behind them, they are powerless alone. And they know I have power and they would like to snuff my power out, but they will never succeed! "No amount of darkness can extinguish the light of one small candle" They are powerless against me, fortunately they know this, but through their own powerlessness, they are unable to bring me down which triggers their anamosity towards me.

This is my Diary, a place I can call my own, to reveal all the hidden thoughts in my head. People are so rotten, its a shame.

I'm just as rotten as they are, and even more so. I could snuff somebody and not bat an eyelash, and I would go to jail and stick to myself, where finally I would have my solitude, and my computor. But, I won't allow my hatred to cause my confinement, as I am already in confinement of the mind.

These rotten Fuckheads are unable to see genius because they are not mentally equipped to detect ability, these guys are just a bunch of overly educated wanna-be-genius. The difference between them and myself, is that I am an uneducated genius.
These idiots seem to forget that genius is human.
I'm tired of proving myself to non seers. These dumb Fuckheads refuse to even see my abilities, let alone give me any credibility. Why do I bother to waste my time and energy on people who just don't have the eye, or do have the eye but are not honest enough within themselves to say so.

I never receive any kind of praise from anyone ever while I've grown up, but I won't commit suicide because of this, I will continue to praise myself.

The reason I need praise, is because my dysfunctional fucked-up father gave me plenty of it, to much, which led to my spoiled condition, however I became accustomed to praise. My father put his children on equal footing with himself, he was a brilliant child.

Even though I hate Quinn for being fucking rotten, I still regard him as the best male writer of all time. He's just upset about comments I made recently. And he does'nt like the idea of me encouraging Zarathustra. I don't give a Fuck, everyone has a right to speak his voice, and genius should know this.

Zarathustra is one hell of a smart guy, and others are intimidated by his obvious towering intellect. But, people won't dare to shoot him down, because he'll shoot you all down in an instant, before you realize what hit ya. Dumb Fuckheads.

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Foresta Gumps Place

Post by wordwarrior » Sun Oct 23, 2005 2:49 pm

You're gonna be missed Foresta Gump
Cordial yourself and get out of this dump
These people here are not your kind
Heads up their arses they'll never find

They don't realize the things you do
You keep them thinking because you're true
They haven't the mind that you express
"Jeolousies of the intellect" the Quinn Confess

Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord
This place is going down so-called genius board
Huh, what a laugh, the jokes on you
Foresta Gump is genius through

You think you can stop her fools that you are
Foresta Gump is the star by far
Her confidence wins her, you're the one to lose
You win from her if she choose

Shes more than your scapegoat
She's more than you
She'll outwin you in anything you do
Because she's Foresta Gump who is true

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Post by wordwarrior » Mon Oct 24, 2005 2:49 am

I know I am not welcome here
I don't belong anywhere
Except inside my granddaughters heart
She's the one I care

This place is human there is no more
I thought genius was here
Instead I see ungodlyness
These men here are mere