Board Conduct and Usage

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Board Conduct and Usage

Postby Dan Rowden » Fri Jul 08, 2005 4:30 am

Genius Forum has very few rules. We do, however, strive to maintain a high level of rationality. Genius does not necessarily discourage or denounce ideas and beliefs, only the false reasoning that underpins them. This is the essence of what serious philosophical inquiry ought be. Overt attempts at spamming or disrupting the board for malicious purposes or continual gratuitous abuse of members will not be tolerated. Other than that the theme is, basically - go for it.

Genius Forum is intended as a text oriented format so we ask that images not be inserted into posts. If you want to express an idea visually please provide a link to that image that members can follow if they so choose. The ignoring of this request will result in the deletion of offending posts or threads. There are also issues of bandwidth and load-speed to be considered here. The moderators of Genius Forum advise members that it is very useful to compose longer posts offline in a program of the user's choosing. Posts constructed this way can be saved to one's harddrive and cut and pasted at the poster's leisure. This method saves the frustration of posts being lost due to glitches in the system which occur sporadically. Any queries regarding Board conduct or use may be posted in the "Help Desk" forum.

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