Is LIFE full of RANDOM COINCIDENCE or Designed/combo of both

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Is LIFE full of RANDOM COINCIDENCE or Designed/combo of both

Post by nathan9482 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:44 pm

The common answer to this question from what I have observed is generally to everything the easiest, most common answer is to anything uncommon that takes place is "oh, what a coincidence or that must just be a coincidence........but the question at hand ..........IS IT REALLY?

Now the English language has over 1 million 13 thousand words in its language and only one word has the exact combination of letters as the word coincidence does. If you use simple gematria to assign each value of the alphabet to its position in the alphabet you come up with the numbers below in the word coincidence with c being the 3rd letter of the alphabet, O being the 15th I being the 9th, N being the 14th and so on as shown below.

random fact 1 : fact that I came up with this out of the billions of people on the planet
random fact 2 : fact that the word coincidence is used out of the over 1 million words
random fact 3 : fact that she has 3 versions of her name and all appear in first 9 words
random fact 4 : fact the 35 at end flipped is 5/3 her dob and also her age in year 2012 when I came up with this
random fact 5 : fact that 1951 + 8 = 1959 and the 3 in the 35 is 8 digits from the 1 in the 1951 as shown in the example below
random fact 6 : The city she was born in is found then followed by the area code of that city
random fact 7 : The year she was born is found before the city and the cities area code
random fact 7 : 9/3/41 appears directly before the 1951 41 + 41 = 82 year I was born and 9/3 + 1 = 9/4 day I was born 411 = Information
3 15 9 14 3 9 4 5 14 3 5 notice the CE at the end is 35 flipped 5/3 which is her date of birth and was her age last year when I started doing this number matching.

and notice the OIN 1591 flipped 1951 + 8 = 1959 year she was born and the 1 is 8 digits from the 3

1439 flip 9/3/41 + 41 y and 1 d = 9/4/82

3 15 9 14 3 9 4 5 14 3 5

notice if you combine the numbers they form the number 31,591,439,451,435
all calculations below are in simple gematria which adds the positions of the letters in the alphabet together.

Thirty One Trillion = 243 = Sheri Lynn Hersperger (my mothers name when she had me)
100 34 109

Five Hundred Ninety = 203 = Sheri Lynn Talarico (my mothers maiden name)
42 74 87

One Billion Four = 167 = Sheri Lynn Clair (my mothers current name)
34 73 60

Hundred Thirty Nine Million Four = 360 = One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Nine (the year she was born)
74 100 42 84 60

Hundred Fifty = 140 = Pittsburgh (the major city she was born in and had me in)
74 66

One Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Five = 412 (Pittsburgh Area Code)
34 102 60 74 100 42

Now see if you can match anyone you know even remotely as close to this using any combination of the word totals and any of their information and you will find out how ridiculously rare I believe this to be.

Any questions on this feel free to ask.

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