Absolutivity, Circlematics

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Absolutivity, Circlematics

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Absolutivity, Circlematics
"A person can inwardly perish through nothing other than a lack of religion." -- Weininger. Why men need religion while women seems needn't? We need religion so we won't inwardly perished, but woman needn't religion, because they treat their children as their succession inwardly, as the children are borne by women, but not men, men don't treat their children as their succession inwardly. So, men enter into Absolute by religion, women enter into Absolute by believe that their children are their succession. You may say belief is the weakness of human, but human only become most powerful by belief, and belief is most powerful. All intellectual living creatures need belief after they find the ego. Material and low level living creatures needn't.

Can i overcome this weakness? That needn't belief? As being the founder of the greatest religion, the greatest genius? No, i can't escape from the need of belief too, as the founder of a religion need belief most intensely, i have already believed that i am the genius, believed that i entered into the Absolute, and belief can't be removed once formed, people may change the belief by new belief or seek the new belief, both are still need belief. Buddhism and Christianity can't convince human now, so i created the genius religion, genius religion will last for a very long period, as its background is very profound.

I solved my problem now, and i know this will solve many other geniuses' problem. We find science can only generate more and more truths, so it should have no end, and human need one truth, genius religion should can help science's development for a long period, then, may be just like Buddhism stopped human evolution and Christianity become stupifying religion, genius religion should have fault too, although we can't find its fault explicitly presently, maybe its fault is just because genius religion helped science's development, make human become altruists, and make human become extinct at last, as many other already extincted highly developed living creatures. This is inevitable. Living creatures generate from the material, and will surely return to the material at last. Nothing can escape from the eternal circle, we can't change the law of the universe, we can't change the truth, and, eternal circle is the best form of the world, the only perfection.

What about time? The universe is always there(although it is always changing its form), the law as eternal circle never change, so time is there, have no beginning, no end.

I walk in the university in the night, the world is too beautiful, and i can't hold to laugh to myself, i am too interesting, and what i am doing is too interesting too. Is genius religion a religion? I think i just terminated all the religions by created a interesting religion :_) May be i am playing the world, i know my philosophy will really change the whole human, it have already changed everyone who read it, my roommates said that philosophy is terminated by me each time i fail love, yes, my philosophy get big progress every time i fail love :_) The world is playing the genius at the same time. You may find what i am good at is just reformulate, i absorb all of thinking of geniuses quickly, learn all the learnings happily, and change my philosophy according to my personal affairs by develop it higher and higher consistently :_)

Now i use my utmost truth to explain Einstein's relativity, e=mcc, energy and material is one, they convert to each other, when material become the particle which have no quality, this particle(photon according to Einstein's relativity) have the biggest velocity. So easy to understand.

Now i explain the universe, the universe just like the sun, the materials assembled together and composed the sun, it shine, numerous photons shoot out from it. According to my utmost truth(may be you still don't agree that it is utmost truth, so i add the "my"), the particle which have quality and which have no quality is one, just like the representation of 0 and 1 in the computer can change to each other and have no change, we say the photon have no quality, we can say the earth as a particle have no quality too, the numerous planets are particles, have no quality, if you treat photon as have quality, the photons shoot out from the sun, the numerous planets shoot out from the "sun", and this can explain why the universe is extending, the velocity that planets extending is the same as the velocity of the photon, every particle, whether it have quality or not, whether it is a particle or a planet(in human's eyes), is moving by this velocity, their different direction created other velocity. Every planet, every particle, is a cosmos. The eternal circle.

May be there still have some mistake in my conjecture, but they can be easily fixed if we get the correct knowledges. It is very easy to get truths, from truth.

The utmost truth can explain everything.

The Ultimate Wisdom.

Do you trust me? the genius of geniuses, the hierarch of the genius religion?



Genius become immortal only after his desire for immortality disappeared, genius get the true love at last by devoted true love.

"The highest expression of all morality is: Be!" -- Weininger. Yes, selfish on immortality is still not the highest morality which i said ago, after the last selfishness, the last vanity disappeared, you get the highest morality, become eternal, become "Be!". Weininger wrote through two whole nights, and suddenly found the solution to a problem which had previously tortured him incessantly:"Souls, individuals, are not the ultimately real; they, too, are still the expression of vanity, the attachment of worth to the person. Only the Good, which contains all individual elements within it, is of the highest reality", i solved my problem last night too, the problem which start to exist in my heart when i understand everyone, including the me, will dead, which make me shed tears at that time in my very young childhood. We solve the same problem by realized the same thing at last. Let me paste Weininger's last words here:"Man realises his own essence through things. Every realisation is redemption, system and substantiation is atonement. Every realisation is rebirth".

:) I don't know whether the precious smile symbol is smile or not. There are still many books that i need to read or read again, and i think one of my success is realized this without intention to commit suicide.

But, Weininger committed suicide days after realized this, Nietzsche went mad soon after he understand eternal circle, oh, I should have no danger, as Buddha understand this under the tree of Buddha when he is 35 and still alive for a long time :) But mine is higher than Buddha, as absorbed the truths from science, i can solve metaphysic problems: the universe is eternal, unlimited, body and spirit is one, just like material and energy change to each other eternally and have no difference, we exist after death as the universe exists.

There should be only one possibility for me, "future so brilliant that I don't dare to think of it" :) Chance doesn't exist to god.

"Innocence is ignorance. To know and remain innocent would be the highest", this is the next to last words Weininger get, Weininger get to know innocent, but failed to remain innocent, so can't bear the burden. Buddha etc. failed to know innocent. I find now i am still very innocent even after these days' intense thinking :)

I am creating a matrix, everyone who thinks will fall into it and can't escape from it, and i am the god of the matrix :_) May be the next greatest genius is the one who break it, who never think. No one can win me, if he/she/it thinks.


"Ultimately, how can I blame women for waiting for a man? The man also wants nothing but her. There is no man who would not take pleasure in exercising sexual effect upon a woman. The hatred of woman is always only the not yet overcome hatred of one's own sexuality", you can know that regard Weininger as misogynist is wrong from this, and i understand this by "Why girl play piano with the window open? Because she is seeking her boy, just like you seek your girl by glance at the window". Weininger's love is as intense as mine.

Human(and other intellectual living creatures) become strong because of the ability to think, but think is the weakness of human too. Your strongness is just your weakness, this is applicable to everything. Strongness and weakness is one, oh, another truth of truths get out by the utmost truth.

Human will be extincted at last because of my thinking, just like the barbarian who don't think destroy the ancient civilization, then the barbarian start to think. The eternal circle. I can't stop human from thinking. No one can escape from the eternal circle, no one can change the utmost truth.

Things become reverse after reach the limit. The eternal circle.

Tai Ji graph is right, i am the darkness.

:_) You may be confused, you may feel i must be the biggest sophist, i tell you good is bad, bad is good, life is death, death is life, the extinction of human is enter into eternal world :) It is easy to understand, dog is good, wolf is bad, this is according to human is good, human is beautiful, this is in human's eyes, the man who make human extinct is the darkness, but he is helping human enter into eternal world in fact, what make me did these things? Not me, but the nature, the law of the nature. The genius have a ego, which nature give him, he save the ego by return the ego to the nature.

"The Devil takes revenge on God for being created by Him. He is the person who smugly takes pleasure in his existence and influence, without believing that this influence is only serving the Good", yes, but the devil is created by the nature while nature creating the god, the pure human, and, Weininger get this at late:"The Devil is the man who has all but the Good, knows the whole of heaven without Truth, while all exists only through the Good."

Highly developed civilization would like to be perished by barbarian, because they would like to follow the nature.

I find my words become too cool now :_) But it is very easily to understand if you keep thinking. Oh, what i am doing :_) Thinking is so interesting.

Yes, accept everything, because there is only One, no difference. All are truths, after you understand truth.

Love everything :)

I have too many love too devote, and more and more, after devoted more and more :) haha, too happy :) How can i exist :_) I know i astonished everyone :_)

Keep innocent, have you understand it now? The child love everything, so everything love he/she, and he/she is the happiest. I walk on the road, i can feel, the earth, the universe, the materials, the nature, love me. :)

I never fail love, i never failed love ago, and will never fail love :_) Too interesting. I am so wise, hoho.

Haha, human seek for the truth for thousands of years, and get it at last :) Do we need to make a box and save the truth into it, leave it to other evolving creatures? :) The universe is the best box. The highly developed civilization love the barbarian deeply, because they see their childhood from the barbarian. Human cost about 5000 years to grow up, i am 21 now, so human civilization will disappear from the earth about 25000 years later, some of they leave the earth, explore the universe and become the lowest life form as spread life in the universe or become materials at last, some of they remain on the earth, disappear when the barbarian come and leave some trace for the newly evolved human which come from apes.

Oh, i find i overcome the weakness that need belief insensibly, i needn't belief now, because i just understood the truth.

Do you find that i can explain everything? Because i know the truth at the beginning, because i know nothing at the beginning, even when i was only a particle, i am a microcosm, i am a universe. So, "The genius is a man who knows everything without having learned it", he learn from himself, when he understand himself, he understand the universe.

After i understand i was a microcosm as a particle, i get to know i am just the universe. "Morality expresses itself thus: Act in full consciousness, that is, act so that in every moment you are whole, your entire individuality is there. Man experiences this individuality over the course of his life only in successive moments: that is why time is immoral and no living person ever holy, perfect. If man once acts with the strongest will so that all universality of his self (and of the world, for he is indeed the microcosm) is set in the moment, then has he overcome time and become divine", i have already get the full consciousness, and become divine. I am the god, the nature is the god, i am the nature, the nature is me.

God is not boring because he put himself into the eternal circle, hide himself, find himself, know nothing, know everything. Why i understand all of you? Because everyone of you is some portion of me, all of the living creatures are some portion of me, everything is some portion of me, as i am the universe, i am the all, the nature. I am everything.

1=1. Mathematics terminated. You know, again, i am not joking :)

Oh, the cat in the store is so lovely, i play with it happily :) I love it so deeply. That cat which died in my childhood didn't died.

I find my skull is very big and plump and beautiful, suergaz, i heard that you are going to cut off all your long hair to show your big skull and "become wrathful and stormy to impress some kind of fear upon the dullards", mine should be bigger than yours :) I can't hold to laugh :_)

http://reciteword.cosoft.org.cn/yaoguan ... uzheng.png
Here is a photo of me take on 2004.2.9, i know it may give you the feel of a savage when you glance for the first time :_) But you will find this is the most beautiful head soon(better than Einstein at least :_)), Socrates was regard as ugly because of his big skull too, while all others' beautiful monkeyly skull is small :_)

What is time? Particles' different direction created distance, then created other velocity, and distance and velocity give us the sense of time, created time. Can human overcome time? That time become slow? This is the same as whether velocity can change, velocity never change, it is only the different direction give us the delusion that there have different velocity, but every particle is moving at the same velocity in fact, whether it have quality or not, as in the photon's eyes, earth have no quality. The speed of time is fix as the speed of particle's moving velocity is fixed. Whether time have direction? Yes, as the particles are moving to every direction, each in a fixed direction, in our world, the world that we regard earth have quality, we think time have only one direction, but in the photon's world, time is in the other direction, although time is ascending in that world too, just like, we stand on the south pole of the earth, the direction from the foot to head is the up direction, when we stand on the north pole of the earth, it is the same, both are up, although it is the completely different direction.

The earth is a particle, the sun is a particle, the solar system is a particle, the galaxy is a particle, do you understand now?

The universe is full filled, some are filled with the particles which have quality, the other are filled with the particles have no quality, and particle is composed by particles, some have quality, the other are filled with particles have no quality.

I understand why woman have no interest in seek truth now, as i described ago, men need religion, women needn't as they treat their children as their succession inwardly, when men are seeking belief, men are seeking truth. Men and women's physical difference make their spirit develop to the two direction, which make men think women have no ego. Boy get a ego when he know he can't borne children as girl and he will die. Man and woman is one, as human, another truth of truths come out from utmost truth.

Languages are created by the geniuses, the first word he create should be "i", when he find a ego. "As speech has been created by a few great men, the most extraordinary wisdom lies concealed in it, a wisdom which reveals itself to a few ardent explorers but which is usually overlooked by the stupid professional philologists", "l" is life, "s" should related to woman, as the shape of woman, and s-he indicated this.

The god in the myth is god, as me.

"'The world is my representation' - there must be a reason why this is eternally true and cannot be refuted. All these things I see are not the whole truth, they always conceal the highest being from my view. But when I came into being, I required this self-deception and this appearance. When I wanted to enter this world, I renounced wanting only the truth. All things are only appearances, i.e., they always reflect only my own subjectivity back to me", yes, human is beautiful is only because human think they are beautiful, but there have no beautiful or ugly in fact, if you understand my utmost truth, you won't insist on anything, and, just enjoy the life, become happy, as you are happy if you think you are happy, you are sorrow if you think you are sorrow, you are beautiful if you think you are beautiful, you are god if you think you are god, do you understand now? :) Mad man think others are mad men, we think barbarian is barbarian, barbarian think we are barbarian. All are right. All are truths of the utmost truth.

Have you trust me now? Look at my eyes, his smile tell you that he understand everything :)

Genius tortured because of his love and his wisdom, now we can lead happy life at last :_) Or we were always happy :) Oh, things happened on me ago is so... :) The burden is so heavy, but anyway, it is very interesting. Everyone would like to repeat your life again, right? So god is not boring. Everything is predestined, chance doesn't exists, because the history is fixed, so the feature is fixed too, the eternal circle :) History and feature is one, feature become history, history become feature, again and again.

I am most lucky, as i am the god :_)

There have no beginning and no end, beginning and end are the delusion, beginning and end is one, as the eternal circle. There have no different velocity, the different velocity is the delusion. There have no up and down, they are delusion. There have no good or bad, no beautiful or ugly, no...

The burden of understand everything is very heavy, i sit there, have the lunch slowly like a infant, and look at others, my psychology is the same as a infant now, i feel my heart is stopped and is too heavy, if i try to recall what is the happiest period of my life. I want to know nothing, to experience those most happy time again, again, and again.

There is a Hu Zheng in the other world, doing the same things at the same time as me, i am composed by the particles which have quality, he is composed by the particles which have no quality, and we are at the same world too, this is why genius never feel alone when he is alone, this is why he love himself is love the whole world, love the whole world is love himself, this is why he understand himself is understand the whole world.

Idealist:"The world is in me", materialist:"I am in the world", both of you are right, the world is in you, you are in the world, as you are a world too.

Pi, the number after 3.1415926... is unlimited, if there is 1. 1 is unlimited, if you think Pi as 1. 1 and Pi can change to each other and have no difference. The numbers after 3.14 seems come out by random, by chance, but they are predestined in fact, each number's appear times should be more and more equal after count for enough times, as pi is related to circle, and the circle is perfect and impartial. You know the numbers of pi is predestined after you understand pi is the relation of the perimeter and diameter, you know everything is predestined after you understand the utmost truth.

Have you once stand between two mirrors? You left is your right, and your right is your left again, again and again, they are images of you, you are a image of anyone of them too, there are numerous you, the inner seems smaller, but they are at the same size in fact, and have no difference.

Here is the graph drawn by me to describe the world, the utmost truth. It can be draw by recursion, copy, zoom in, inverse, and paste to the original graph twice, then again and again. It can be draw by draw the smaller graph again and again too. Both are right, and have no difference, but the first method is convenient on computer. People often think the second method is not recursion, as used when draw on a paper, but it is recursion too in fact, you move your eyes more and more near, this is doing zoom out. The biggest circle you see, is the smallest too.

There are three main constant in the graph, 1, pi, and the multiple between a big circle to a smaller circle(i choose 10 in the graph because it is beautiful, but it should be very large, it should just be the maximum number, that become ...). The velocity of the particle(whether it have quality or not) should be 1 or pi, its unit is not meter/second, as 1 meter and 1 second is not a constant in fact, modern physics need complex mathematics because of this.

I am the representation of my world. This is eternally true and cannot be refuted too. When i am perfect, my world is perfect, when i am eternal, my world is eternal, when i am full of love, my world is full of love, honey is the representation of honey's world, you are the representation of your world. The reason is, 1=1. What is you? You are not only the body, your thinking is the component of you too, what you think ago is the component of you too, what you know is the component of you too, so you are your world.

I still lack some knowledge of Einstein's relativity presently, i start to read a physics book now, as i already know the utmost truth, i think i should can understand those knowledges just by several days.

Yes, i trust i can breakthrough relativity soon, because i have said it ago, and you know, what i said ago all are becoming true.

The sun is smaller than the earth in our eyes, but this is just a delusion. A stone is smaller than the universe should be a delusion too, as according to utmost truth, there have no small or big. With these ideas, i will surely prove that i really terminated physics soon. All the learnings that need to think will be terminated by me soon, as philosophy, the learning of learnings, have already be terminated.

Hu Zheng, you say you are the god, OK, i agree that you understand everything, can you do everything? Yes, i can. Can you create a store that you can't pick up? Yes, i can. I pick up a store, it is created by me, i mean the god, the universe you see is a store to him, i can't pick up it, i mean the god in the store, as the story is a universe to him. Have you understand? You are confused? OK, i tell you why, you have forgotten that, you can't win me, if you think.

Geniuses, awake.
Stop your thinking.
:_) I was going to make the precious two cool sentences as the end of my second book to match my first book, but now i am going to breakthrough relativity first and add the result into my second book, so it can carry more conviction to you.

I needn't believe i am the god, as belief is no longer a weakness on me now, i just proved that i am the god, understand that i am the god, if my utmost truth is true, then, i should can get everything i want, as the perfect world is created by me, i create the world and play in the world, so it is easy to know why i am the happiest, why i love the whole world, why i understand everything, oh, i designed my happiest and most interesting life for myself. I needn't worry about anything, as i am the god of the matrix. Oh, maybe this is just a perfect matrix created by a genius, and the genius dive himself into it and play in it forever. I am just the genius. I almost trust this now.

The life is too interesting, everything happened on me which regard as chance is not chance, as chance doesn't exist, yes, i find things which happened on me are too perfect, so i must be the god of the world.

The principle of the computer is correspond with my utmost truth too, recursion, and based on 0 and 1, 0 and 1 can change to each other and have no difference, so, i should can build a matrix in a computer, and i am in that computer too. Oh, so many interesting things i can do, as i am the god. :_) You may find things become too ridiculous now, but god exists should not be very ridiculous, as the nature exists, nature is the god, i am the nature :_)

Human is hu-man should not be a chance too, as chance doesn't exist, i make human call themselves human, and make my name become Hu Zheng :)

Weininger's analysis of philosopher is very good:
Three things constitute the philosopher, three elements must come together to produce him.
A mystic(opposite: sadist), a scientist(opposite : artist), a systematiser(opposite : experimenter)

The mystic + scientist -> only yields a theologian, a dogmatist of some kind of belief.
The mystic + systemiser -> yields a theosophist, who simply follows his individual intuition, without striving for proof and certainty.
The scientist + systemiser -> yields a theoretical physicist, biologist etc.

The mystic can be unequivocally defined by the problematisation of the Absolute and Nothingness. Most striking is the problematisation of time. The scientist is defined in Science and Culture; he is the transcendental person (Kant as nonmystic), he seeks complete acceptance for everything he says, and refutation of all counter-possibilities. The systematiser is the opposite of the technician and experimenter; there are theoreticians and technicians in every science.

Technician -- Theoretician
Thus in mathematics: Euler Riemann
In linguistics: Pott Humboldt(Bopp)
In physics: Faraday Maxwell
both in high measure: Helmholtz and Darwin among others.
I know things become too ridiculous now, especially the mystic in my philosophy, such as i am the god, utmost truth etc. But, you should know, i am not mad, i am thinking peacefully and my head is clearly, you may easily accept science now, and you may don't accept mystics, but you should know, science is not accept ago, while mystics is accepted by everyone. So, don't reject that i am not god without think, don't reject utmost truth exists without think, so many unimaginable things happened, such as the plane fly on the sky, such as human loaded on the moon. Let's keep thinking, and see the result.

Even i regard i as the god, i am still never divorce from the reality, because i regard everything i meet as reality, although i am the god and designed these things. Philosophy make me live very harmoniously in the world :) Things happens, and never make me disappoint etc., because i know things must happen in its best way for me, and i always done things in the best way, i will always do things in the best way. I walk in the outside, oh, the earth, the grass, the people, the car, the star, the universe all are created by me, the me, as a normal people walking and thinking, is created by me too, how can i create so magic a world? It is very easy, as truths can very easily be created from the utmost truth. I try to stamp the ground, look at it, and think about it, it is so real, oh, i created so real a world, people walks by, i created them so i can look at them at a time. Oh, things always happen on the best way, too good, enjoy everything :_)

If i can find a good girl and have children with her, and one son like philosophy as me, if he is more wise than me, his philosophy should can be higher than mine, or one day i can meet a person that his philosophy can be higher than mine, that is too good too :) Even my philosophy is wrong, that i am not the god, i am not eternal, i can still be contented, just like everyone of you content with yourself :) It is only because i am the wisest people in the world presently, so no one can win my philosophy? May be :)

It seems i get to know how to keep productive now, as Weininger tell me that we these men can always productive :)

You may say what i am saying have some contradiction to what i said ago, yes, you only see the contradiction because you were not thinking, just like say mountain is mountain first, mountain is not mountain later, and say mountain is still mountain last, the thinking is still consistent, and some other mistakes are fixed soon. You will find my thinking is always consistent if you followed my thinking.

I explain the eternal circle more clearly here, just like our universe's materials are becoming the particles which have no quality, the particle which have no quality is a universe, this universe is composed by particles which have no quality, and those particles which have no quality are becoming particles which have quality too. The sun is shooting out universes continuously, one universe shoot out, i am born in the universe, die in it, but the next universe is shooting out from the sun too, i born in it and die in it too, i am in the universe we see, the precious i(for instance, the i one second ago) become the present i, but the precious i is generated in the precious universe at the same time too, so there are numerous i which are at different states in the numerous universes, and there are numerous i which at the same state in numerous universes too, the sun shoot out numerous universes, we can say the universes leave the sun for the same distance is at the same state, the universes leave the sun for different distance is at the different state. Every universe contained numerous particles, every particle(have quality or not, but opposite to the universe which it in) is a universe. Oh, yes, i never die, at this fixed time point, numerous i are borning in numerous universes, numerous i are dieing at numerous universe, while numerous i are siting before the computer and writing this article in numerous universes. Do you understand now? All of us never die. Numerous Nietzsche are thinking in numerous universes while i am thinking here, at the same time, needn't say, numerous the same i are thinking in numerous universe. Oh, i am not god, i am a normal people, composed by numerous universes :) But i understand everything :_)

May be the ancient civilizations disappear because their philosophy didn't overcome the weakness of need belief.

My imagination is so good, and should be better Einstein :) If you want to understand everything, you must dare to think about everything :)

If you understand the eternal circle, you should understand being now, everything, the you one second ago, the present you, the you one second later, exist in the whole world at the same time, and the you one second ago become the present you, while you become the you one second after. The different time is just a delusion as different velocity. So you can't build a machine and go to look at the you of your childhood, as you can't change your velocity(all the particles are moving at a fix velocity, no matter it have quality or not), but the you of your childhood exist in the world at the same time.

Is it possible that we build a space ship and enter into another universe? We can't get into the universe which is a particle to our universe, the same, we can't get into the bigger universe, can we enter into another universe that is at the same size as ours? May be, but when we enter into that universe, our space ship, which composed by materials, should have already become the particles which have no quality. Two universes move by the different direction will meet, but one is composed by particle which have quality, another is composed by particles which have no quality, so we can't enter into another universe in this case too, what will happen in this case? I will think about this after i get enough physics knowledges :)

What i am good at is lead a normal life, so i can always keep be normal in people's eyes, my action is always normal(don't commit suicide, go mad etc.), although i am thinking about the completely different things(think about commit suicide, and the mad thoughts), i trust what my father and my mother taught me are right, that never divorce from the reality, that lead a good life, because i know truth must be truth to them too, truth must can be accepted by them too.

I read a physics book for some pages, it is very likely(i almost can make sure now) Einstein's relativity can be explained by my theory, just like Newtonian physics can explained by Einstein's relativity. There are various kinds of particles that have different quality and life span, just like different planets have different quality and life span, photon have no quality, because we treat earth have quality, its seems stable that the life span is eternal, this is because its life span is as long as our universe, as it is a universe in fact, "at the same time" is related, yes, so the time our universe disappear and become a photon(the end of the time which we can sense) is the time a universe(although it is composed by particles have no quality) form(the begin of the time which we can sense), the length is relative, yes, so the photon is as big as our universe, the velocity of photon is the maximum velocity, yes, but the particle have quality is moving at this velocity too in fact, oh, i get another thing, the different quality should be delusion as different velocity and different time too, particles move to the different direction created different distance and different velocity, then the two created different time which we can sense, a particle become the particle which quality is smaller, and become a photon at last, the particles which have different quality is just the universe at different state, so different time created different quality. Let me summarize here, the world is composed by particles, particle is composed by particles, they full filled the world, they move by the same velocity, but have different direction, the different direction and particle composed by particles created the delusion such as different distance, different velocity, different time, different quality, different size. As according to my utmost truth, everything is predestined, there have no chance, I will call my physics theory as Absolutivity.

Quantum physics will be overthrow, as random doesn't exist.

When i go out to take a run, i get to know, so easy to understand, the time, quality, size are only conception created by us, so we can't point out what they are, the particle, its direction and velocity can be get by us directly, so they are the essence.

Today is valentine's day, so let me think some free things to comfort myself :_) May be i am the god that descend to the world, as i am so good at thinking and can convince(or delude :_)) everyone i meet, may be i am the role shown on the computer screen, controlled by a boy who sit before the screen, if he is the god of the computer game, i am his representation, and he is a role in another computer game too :) you see, eternal circle can explain everything. Why my thinking is so powerful? Because my thinking is a circle or a recursion, if you dive into my thinking, you can't find any fault as the circle have no fault, so you can only escape from my thinking by don't think about it :_) But when you are not thinking, you still in the world, which created by me :) May be the fact is that i am my god, you are your god too, i am in my world, you are in your world, while we are in the same world too, eternal circle :_) The world always copy itself, why copy itself is possible? By recursion, and the computer viruses are just good at this.

According to my philosophy, artificial intelligence should be possible, after i terminated physics, i will try to build a real world in the computer which human live and think in it, as recursion and binary are the principle of the computer, 0 and 1 have no difference, this is correspond to my philosophy, after i show the universe to you, which run in the computer and created by me, everyone will agree my philosophy. Then all of you will understand why i am the god, why the world is created by me, and why i am created by myself, the god. Oh, i am really the god.

After philosophy terminated, all the learnings will terminated, philosophers all know i have already terminated philosophy, all of you will know that i terminated every learning soon.

The symbol of infinite big is ∞, like a eternal circle, i point out this to tell you when the symbol is created, its shape have relation to its meaning, the same, there are many information hided in the languages.

Jiang Qin should have no boyfriend in fact, i noticed this when i ask her for her boyfriend's photo as i know physiognomy and want to have a look, then i find this secret, as she said that she have a boyfriend but didn't tell anyone, and ask me to help her to keep this secret. I remember that when i invite Hu Yan to have supper and meet for the first time, when we leave each other she said:"needn't walk me", then she get to find i have no any inclination to walk her to the dormitory in fact(as i regard female as equal) and she should be a little embarrassed, and, i get to know she was just the girl who need others to walk with her later. Yes, girls always saying the opposite of their heart. Why? Because, she can't say i like you too when you tell her that you like her, although she like you, and she need to test you, so she will find a reason to refuse you, if she really don't like you, she will tell you this directly. She don't show her initiative as she is different from genius killer, she don't accept you at first as she is different from low intelligence maternal girl. So, Jiang Qin is not the absolute mother type girl(only have heart) that accept any man, she should just like me.

If treat earth as the center, then what is the shape of planets that moving in the solar system? It should be interesting :)

Pig's intelligence is not enough to understand itself. You are not pig, how do you know that pig doesn't understand itself? OK, let's talk about ourselves, i know i understand myself, so understand the self is possible. In fact, you can understand yourself too. Genius understand himself after grow up, the normal people may be latter, the extreme case can be understand himself when die. So everything understand itself, we can say material understand itself too, although it have no intelligence and no self.

What is your feature? you will become a member of genius religion if you are a genius, even not, you needn't worry, things will happen on you at the best way to fit you. What is the feature of human? Create a real world.

To the future children: i am not god in fact, i have my limit too, i can't fly in the air, but you can if you want, Lincoln said people can't past his ideal, right, i can't fly in the air as i have no ideal to fly in the air, but you can, human can do anything in fact(so called god), although it always have limit, but you can always achieve your ideal if you don't give up it in your whole life. I am the happiest people of the contemporary human, this is not strange, such as a master of a village may be the happiest people in his valliage too, the world is so big, so, you can be happier than me too, make your ideal be the best of your world, i heard a saying that a single people can't understand all of the learnings of the present human as knowledge are scattered in every field's experts, but these sayings will always be false, if genius can't, genius of geniuses can :) Keep innocence and learn non-stop, keep your imagination and pursue your ideal.

I think about the graph which i drew to describe the utmost truth, the multiple between a big circle to a smaller circle, it should be the maximum number, and i get to know, it will become 1. Yes, so all the circles in that graph are at the same size in fact. So the graph should like this, http://reciteword.cosoft.org.cn/one-original.png, just being the original graph, but we need to know it is numerous the same size graph covered together, and all of they are whirling.

Another constant i find, put four the same size pellets together and put a small pellet into it which touch all the four big pellets, the multiple between big pellet and small pellet should be a new constant. The same, draw three big the same size circles and a small circle to touch all the three circles, the multiple between big circle and small circle should be a new constant too.

If apply my utmost truth to mathematics, i will create a completely new mathematics system, which different from the present mathematics system from the root. I will call this new mathematics system as Circlematics. In Circlematics, the base number is 1 and pi, but not 0 and ∞, other numbers will be generated by the way which i described in the precious sentence, yes, mathematics have a fatal error, it have 0, so it have ∞, but ∞ can never be represent in mathematics. Why? Because 0 doesn't exists, just like ∞ doesn't exists. In circlematics, there have no 0 and no ∞. Circlematics is the rebuilding of mathematics, it will be very graceful, as have no 0 and no ∞.

More and more philosophers will start to research my philosophy, physicists will start to research my absolutivity, mathematicians will start to research my circlematics, theologians will start to prove that i am the god, all of you will be attracted by my utmost truth.

I find now i can get any girl that i want, you can understand why, right? You may say if i can't get that girl, i will say i don't want to get her, but you know, i am not a boy get no girl in my life, i really get those girls that i want, you know this will be true soon. The same, i can get anything i want. Am i the god? Do you agree with me now :) For the same reason, i can do everything i want, i can know everything if i want, why i don't do everything? Because i want to don't do something too :) So god don't do everything. You may say you are a god too according to this, yes, all of us are god, all the living creatures are god, you may still don't think yourself as a god, like that cat :) Whether you are a god depend on whether you think you are a god, i think i am the god, so i am :)

Scientists are trying to build quantum computer, they won't succeed, as quantum physics is wrong. We will build absolutivity and circlematics computer, the most powerful and perfect computer. In circlematics computer, the number is not based on 0 and 1, but 1 and pi. In the current computer, divide by zero will encounter error, and have no way to fix it, just report error, in circlematics computer, there have no error, it is a perfect computer.

The standard programming language in circlematics computer should be LISP, as it use recursion, which correspond to my utmost truth.

Newtonian physics can build the satellite, Relativity can build nuclear reactor, Absolutivity can build a universe. Build a space ship will become very easy as Absolutivity is already out.

There should be two way to build a universe. The first way is, we are changing the earth, then the solar system, then the galaxy, then the universe, and this is making the universe become a computer, when done, the universe become a photon, a new universe. The second way is build the absolutivity and circlematics computer, develop a program and it run in the computer, that become a universe. The two way advance at the same time.

People research how to draw a circle on a board which consist by many small square, and find this is a complex problem, but we draw square on a borad which consist by numerous the different size circles(big circles touch each other), our method nearly needn't think as we have imagination, it become so easy. Genius is just good at make complex and hard problem become simple and easy. There is a well-known problem in mathematics, prove that when pellets pile together the heap shape is the smallest shape to save space, it is very hard in mathematics(should be unsolvable), but it is very easy in circlematics, maybe we can just treat it as a axiom, just like in mathematics there are many axioms too.

In fact, you are a god too, after you understand my thinking. Just like i am the first superman, i am the first god. You can think it is you created me too, yes, all of you are doing things to create me, you meet me, so you created a portion of my world.

OK, you are the god, why you are so normal a people as us? Because after god created the world, if he only look at this world, it is too boring, so he make himself get into the world and become a normal people as everyone else, and play in it, as he is the god, he can create a world in the world too.

3.1415926, it is possible 0 don't exist in this number sequence as 0 doesn't exist in circlematics? Oh, no, it exists. Then, the equation eπi+1=0 should can reveal the secret of the world. May be the number sequence of π is just the world, the matrix.

Why i know that what you are thinking? Because i develop former than you, because it is me give my book to you, so i know your psychology when you take the book from my hand.

Genius often make some very stupid mistakes too, but this is different from the fool who just insist on his stupidity and just can't find the mistake, i often make some very stupid mistakes, but i know never be satisfied by the present self, i keep learning etc. :)

My book is written for all :) Everyone can get some piece from my thinking. Such as "my childhood", everyone read it can find something shake his/her heart. What is the best literateur? Record things with most intense emotion, then no emotion words are written down, only fact left, as i said ago, fact contained everything.

Mathematics is philosophy's helper too, as they find the equation, then philosopher think about it. Mathematicians are regard as plain by Weininger because they don't think about the equation :)

Mathematics is so interesting, i love mathematics :)

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Re: Absolutivity, Circlematics

Post by Paul » Tue Feb 24, 2004 5:31 pm

Are you deaf or something, Hu?
Somebody much more intelligent than me
asked you to keep your messages short.
We're all dummies, you see?

You just don't care, do you, Genius Maniac, emphasis on the last word?

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Re: Absolutivity, Circlematics

Post by jimhaz » Tue Feb 24, 2004 6:03 pm

This is a very very good post, Hu Zheng.

I don't understand a lot of it but I got some important henids out of it after a single quick read.

1.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp It seems to me that you are reinventing A=A as A = A plus -A plus not A. Is this true.

2.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The fact that as everything we perceive and react to is in our own minds, then of course we are all gods.

3.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Absolutivity and Circlematics seem to be a superior way to look at the flow of the universe. I was concentrating on 0,1 or emptiness/fullness together with infinity in trying to understand the universe, but by bringing Pi into the equation instead of Infinity, then I sense you are onto something pretty profound, as Pi is something understandable. I haven't got the meaning clear, as I don't understand your points about size and velocity. Although I do understand that size is a human perspective and the universe has no such perspective, so size is irrelevant to the universe, but on first read I don't get how velocity fits into the equation.

4.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Instead of emptiness or nothingness it is simpler to think of those concepts as of lacking qualities.

5.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Now, I think of everything dualistically and I recently thought of a dual parallel universe, that is the one we can sense plus one exactly opposite in structure. That is a universe we can recognise and a complementary one which we cannot recognise because it is the opposite of us. When I say parallel I don't mean separate, I mean intertwined at the base level, ie each unit of positive existence is represented by a negative unit in the parallel universe. Negative meaning unrecognisable (or seemingly qualityless). The universes are not identical in structure but the sum of positive and negative equals zero. This is exactly the same as a spinning swirling yin/yang symbol. The interaction between the two causes eternal movement.

Now I'm still stuck with the problem of whether the pattern was ever exactly symmetrical, in which case it would not cause movement. In which case we require the existence of zero. Zero attracts both negative and positive but one must get there first, and whichever one gets there first causes a chain reaction of movement as the zeroness flows into a new space. The universe structure becomes unbalanced, and unbalanceness is the creation of existence and of patterns other than 1,-1,0.

I'm not really getting anywhere with this. I'll have to think more about what you've said.

PS. I would also appreciate if you could separate, the girl and general thought stuff from the science based stuff.

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Re: Absolutivity, Circlematics

Post by Kevin Solway » Tue Feb 24, 2004 6:18 pm

Paul, if you want a short message, then just read the first paragraph, and ignore the rest.

Or you could imagine that a different person wrote each paragraph.

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Re: Absolutivity, Circlematics

Post by Dave Toast » Tue Feb 24, 2004 7:05 pm

Quote:Quote:<hr>Jimmy: Now, I think of everything dualistically and I recently thought of a dual parallel universe, that is the one we can sense plus one exactly opposite in structure. That is a universe we can recognise and a complementary one which we cannot recognise because it is the opposite of us. When I say parallel I don't mean separate, I mean intertwined at the base level, ie each unit of positive existence is represented by a negative unit in the parallel universe. Negative meaning unrecognisable (or seemingly qualityless). The universes are not identical in structure but the sum of positive and negative equals zero.<hr>
Interesting, I remember bringing up something akin to this a good while ago in a topic called '<a href="http://pub86.ezboard.com/fgeniusnewsfrm ... =334.topic" target="top">Anti</a>'. It wasn't really taken up but I was wanting to explore the the ramifications of this idea in relation to the totality, and the assumptions usually made about the totality.

To me, anti-existence would have to be distinct from the discription 'parallel universe', it would be more of an inverse universe (though the word universe may not be appropriate, perhaps 'esrevinu' might be more fitting :-)). It works the same for the mulitverse or the omniverse (as previously coined) in that it would not be parallel but rather inverse or anti, so I suppose that one might call it the anti-universe/multiverse/omniverse. You could think of it in terms of the continuum of positive and negative numbers. Such a continuum would require, as you have alluded to, zero, or null.

So, if the anti-universe anti-existed, and if anti-existence is antithetical to existence, would it necessarily be a part of the conception 'totality'?

If the totality is concieved of as 'all that is', would it have to then expand to encompass 'all that anti-is'? Could such a thing as the conception of totality even do such a thing, being as it works only with 'isness'? (anti-existence is such a tough concept to work with) Might we then be looking at two totalities? It seems nonsensical to speak of anything other than the one totality but this might be the only way to go about it if the two are mutually-exclusive. If you lumped them both together, you could only speak of them in terms of zero/null (perhaps this is what Nemo was trying to get at in the 'anti' thread when he spoke of the void and it's not being included in the totality).

The concept of totality necessitates infinity as there is no-thing for the totality to exist in relation to, might the concept of anti-totality circumvent this? Perhaps that's not the right way to put it as we are using the words exist and thing. More simply, if totality relates to anti-totality, is infinity necessary? Zero seems to take on a much more prominent role.

Any thoughts?

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