Freedom From Self

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Freedom From Self

Post by Joe-Draper » Fri Jan 09, 2009 5:25 am

Freedom From Self

Freedom from self bondage is knowing thyself, never forget this.

I learned who I was years ago when I accepted myself, when I
realized I couldn't change what was natural for me, so I quit trying
to change what I could not.

After this realization I stopped running away from myself, I faced the
challenge of learning who I was--a somebody to myself.

Before this realization I feared everything and everyone, because how
could I know them when I didn't even know myself. I would run away
in the other direction if I saw anyone I knew, I would become terrified
that they would find out the horrible truth that I was stupid.

After this realization that I was stupid, I decided to become smarter, thats
when I accepted myself and became enlightened.

I literally had a mind-set from extreme fear to NO FEAR--no fear of people

Freedom from self just means you will accept your truth about yourself, and
accept that you cannot change what is natural for you, but you can change
ignorance to enlightenment--as I am premium example of this empirical knowledge.

Donna Thompson
Foresta Gump

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Re: Freedom From Self

Post by Dan Rowden » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:15 am

Oh, well, Donna, pity you went and confirmed yourself as Joe. I wasn't 100% sure which is why he hasn't been banned.

Bye bye, again. And please stay gone this time.

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