On Stupid People With a High IQ - video

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On Stupid People With a High IQ - video

Post by Eric Schiedler » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:09 am

A man going by Marcus made this video inspired by David Quinn’s essay: “The Limitations of Academic Intelligence”.

Video: On Stupid People With a High IQ - MGTOW

Here is a transcript of the video.

Marcus described that he returned to the university later in life around 30 to renew his interest in philosophy and was deeply disappointed by the lack of spirit among the staff and faculty. He left after one year. Currently, he wants to create a philosophy “school” with informal structure and no degrees, in order to help men out of the trap of nihilism. In the meantime, he focuses his online videos on the MGTOW discussion topics (as they relate to philosophy). His videos on the subject of women are of particular interest.

I thought to post it here because the online MGTOW discussions include mostly younger men and are a decentralized discussion space that strongly screens out women, in order for men to, well, discuss the relationship of men to women. A small segment of these men seem able to focus despite the zeitgeist of nihilism and find a solution to their lack of direction by addressing topics such as philosophy and/or a celibate life.

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