amazing new understanding from this "book"

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amazing new understanding from this "book"

Post by BennyGoods » Sat May 26, 2012 8:36 pm

Hello all. I recently have came across this website, truthcontest dottt com, and after reading the "the Present" the first book on the website I am truly amazed and cannot believe how well it put together the puzzle of life and it's meaning. I wanted to share this with you all because what a genius truly is is a prophet. Oh, and by the way the website is completely free and whatnot, please do not take this as me trying to market anything I promise I have no intent on such thoughts. It is basically a site that you can submit your version of what you think the ultimate truth on life is. I am not claiming it is perfect just yet, but it is very close and if you are indeed a genius/prophet/follow your sub-conscious(holy spirit)/true life then you will see truth in it. I promise it will speak to you like nothing else has if you are indeed free of the mind and live in the present.

By the way, I considered myself an atheist and have for a long time now before reading this (im 23). Now, I am not sure what I consider myself as I am not done with my researching/studying on it all. PLEASE sincerely check this out, I wouldn't ever expect to find something like this really, so I doubt any of you will get too excited and read it, but if you do, I PROMISE you will won't regret it (if you are a true genius/prophet/whatever you wish to call us).

Check it out. The first two books are basically the same, but the first one just adds religion into the mix. It is important to be open minded and honest when reading it, but that should be naturally for you all :)

truthcontest dottt com PS I have NOO affiliation with the site, im sure there are similar ones out there perhaps

Once again i promise im not spamming please give me a shot and lets chat it up in here I love chatting with other others on the same wavelength.

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