Introduction to <i>The Thinking Man's CD-ROM</i>

Introduction to The Thinking Man's CD-ROM


The Thinking Man's CD-Rom is the crystallization of three thousand years of genius. Its scope is Universal. Its major themes are Ultimate Reality, the differences between masculine and feminine psychology, science, atheism, and religion. This work represents a quality and consistency of work rarely seen. All works on this CD are easily understandable, extremely powerful, and are of a nature that is beyond time and will therefore never be dated. It includes major works of philosophy, a choice selection from the archives of "The Atheist Society of Australia", and over six hundred pieces of art work, poetry, quotations, a photo-journalistic foray into India, as well as fourteen hours of sound recordings taken from the profoundly stimulating Hour of Judgment radio series.

The Author and The Goal

I consider myself a spiritual genius, as opposed to an ordinary genius, because my concern, and my heart, is not merely the absolute, but Absolute Truth. And I am inclined to think I am one of the finest exponents of the art of truthfulness, if not the finest, at least in modern times (which, it must be said, isn't too hard).

Everything in this work is directed to one thing, and one thing only. In my assault on the tree of evil, I attack the root.

Indeed, I am no member of the human race. Many of you would sacrifice a great deal for the chance of meeting aliens from deep space . . . but this entire work is the most alien life there can ever be. How much will you sacrifice?

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